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Customer Comments of CaravanMoverParts:

Please see below some emails we have received from our customers. Please also see the links below:
Here are some comments about customer experiences of us and our products. Due to privacy laws all personal details have been removed.


2020-06-28, written by Pall G.:

Hello again Jorg.

Problem solved.

This was a tricky one, yet maybe too simple.

I was very alert connecting left and right motors according to „mounting in front of axle to notice that in that case black line should be connected to (+) and red line to (-) , pretty contrary to the general rule. I was actually thinking og doing this swap anyway while testing yestarday, but reluctant to do this before being sur that the motors are made for both polarities. Having looked better at the instructions I found the answer to that question.

So – happy ending – again may tx for your time.

2020-06-20, written by Ken C.:

Hi Gerbrand
Good day, I have received the parts and fitted on my mover and it works.
Thank you so much for your kindness,

2020-03-11, written by Mick T.:

Recieved roller today thank you great service.

Many Thanks

Mick T.

2019-12-14, written by Frantisek C.:

Hello gentlemen,
thanks for your letter. My experience with your service is very good. Goods from your e-shop arrived quickly and in order.
If I will need some goods for my caravan certaily i will use service your shop.
I wish you a wonderful Christmas and a successful New Year.

2019-09-08, written by Tony M.:

Good Morning,

Thank you for sending the parts for my caravan so quickly, much appreciated.

Best Regards,
Tony M.

2019-08-15, written by Mr. J. V.:

Thank you for the terrific job that you did to fit the reich easy driver pro mover to our Eriba troll caravan. The service was very professional and the work carried out competently, carried out in good time. I would certainly recommend you for this type of work and use you again if required.

Best Regards,

2019-07-08, written by Blanka F.:

Hello, we were very happy with your services - fast delivery, good communication (despite the language barrier), reliability. Instructions were sent in turn upon request. I highly recommend it, thank you.

2019-06-24, written by Tadeusz C.:

Dear All,

Thank you for your service, I received my order in time, everything was fine. Communication is excellent, quick and comprehensive answers.
Best regards

Tadeusz C.

2019-06-21, written by Michael S.:


Ich bin überaus zufrieden mit der Ware, dem Preis und besonders mit dem Einbauservice.
Der Monteur ( Thorsten)war pünktlich bei mir, hat sehr schnell und sehr sauber gearbeitet. Außerdem war er sehr freundlich und hat mir nach der Montage alles erklärt. Jederzeit wieder!!!!


Michael S.

2019-05-08, written by Judy and Owen H.:

Hi Jorg,

Mum and Dad received the basic station controller, yesterday, 7th May.
The new station slotted into position without any problems.
The caravan mover works very well now.


Judy and Owen H.

2019-02-24, written by Lumin M.:

Great service at a good price.

Lumin M.

2018-12-21, written by Sadie B.:

I would like to thank you very much for your excellent service, you certainly went the extra mile for me when I needed it. I was so grateful for all the help you gave to enable me to buy from your company. Would be glad to recommend you to anyone. First class all the way. May I also take this opportunity to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Happy New year.

Thanks again
Sadie B.

2018-06-30, written by Nicholas:

Thanks for your patients and your advice in guiding me in replacing the controlbox. Everything is working perfekt.
Once again thanks

Kind regards
Nicholas the old pensionist

2018-05-22, written by Jan M.:


Thank you for a good purchase. I recommend the Caravan Mover Shop to anyone who wants to buy a Mover. My Truma SX mover was delivered to Sweden directly to my door in five business days. The package contents were completely correct as described. I mounted the movern myself in about 6 hours.

Fast delivery

Good products

Good communication

Correct price

Jan M.
Sölvesborg, Sweden

2018-05-22, written by Jan M.:


Thank you for a good purchase. I recommend the Caravan Mover Shop to anyone who wants to buy a Mover. My Truma SX mover was delivered to Sweden directly to my door in five business days. The package contents were completely correct as described. I mounted the movern myself in about 6 hours.

Fast delivery!

ood products!

Good communication!

Correct price!

Jan M.
Sölvesborg, Sweden

2018-05-04, written by Kerris F.:

Can i just say what a good service you have provided with the motor mover i brought from you. It arrived in very good time, well boxed and looking like new. My husband fitted it last night and it is working perfectly. Many thanks and i would highly recommend you to family and friends.

Kerris F.

2018-05-01, written by Esa M.:

Hi Jorg and others,

First I want to thank you for a very good customer service. You clearly wanted to make sure that I choose the right product and additionally it happened during a weekend. Secondly I was gladly surprised of your high technical knowledge. I'm rather professional, so I seldom feel that customer service is truly professional what comes to technical details. You knew exactly the product, its installation etc.

So as a conclusion I got exactly the best product for my purposes and it was greatly due to your expertice.

Also the delivery was fast. Final order on Sunday, already on Thursday I had the product on my door step. The delivery included all necessary and installation was a straight forward procedure and already on next Saturday evening I had installed the equipment on my caravan and tested. It works perfectly.

Thank you. You may also freely refer to this on your web pages etc. may you wish to do so.

Best regards,

Esa M.

P.S. If I would have ordered this in a local caravan store here in Finland, they would have ordered it from the factory and it would surely have taken more than a week to get the product at the store. They sell only Truma and equivalent product would have cost me app. 2500 euros :-) So I even saved a lot of money and time.

2018-04-18, written by Loneogstig N.:



- even though it looked very difficult in the beginning, he just tried and tried to fix the problem.

This is our 2nd week in our holiday, we are going to stay away for 14 weeks, and that would have been impossible

Without the use of the mover.
Best regards Stig and Lone N.

2018-03-30, written by Tomaz P.:


I wanted to write 2 words as a feedback but in two words is impossible to express all my gratitude.
Not only express in answering to lots of my questions, helping in choosing the right product etc.

I was impressed also from the after selling service and help.
I would absolutely recommend this guys to everyone who needs a good product and a fantastic support.

Thank you
Tomaz P.

2018-03-18, written by Brian J. C.:

I would just like to comment on the items and service that I received from you recently. Two drive rollers for my mover. The delivery time was superb and the rollers are exactly as require and at a reasonable price. I also had occasion to request information by email on the availability of fuller details in English about the product. I was surprised and grateful for the immediacy of response and the subsequent discourse that I had. Great service all around and I would will recommend your services to anyone.

Best regards,
Brian J. C.

2018-02-18, written by Johnny L.:


Fast delivery and great product.
Only +++++ from here.

Johnny L.

2018-02-01, written by Hiroshi Y.:

Dear Jorg Mulder

I've got movers yesterday. It looks no damage and parts are all completed.

After this, If I have some problems or need repair parts,Please give me some advice.

Arigatou(Thanks a lot)!!
Best regards.

Hiroshi Y.

2017-09-21, written by R. A. :

I have now fitted the new sensor and the mover is now operational again - hooray!

Thanks again for all your help and advice.


R. A.

2017-08-30, written by Jorn Rostgaard S.:

Mr. Mulder.

I thank for the transmission of remote control that it worked. Thanks

Best regards
Jorn Rostgaard S.

2017-08-09, written by Jörgen J.:

Hi again :)

Just wanted to say thank you for all assistance and fast answers with our purchase of the Al-Ko Mammut Mover in June. The delivery was super-quick and we mounted the mover in one day. We have used it on numerous occasions during our holiday in Italy, Austria, Germany and Denmark. It has worked like a charm, would gladly recommend you to friends and family :)


2017-05-06, written by Dan G.:


Fantastic service from Caravan Movershop

They were able to source a discontinued mover remote for us an post to England in only 3 days

Very helpful and responsive, would definitely recommend

Dan G.

2017-02-22, written by Kurt M.:

This is a very good company, fast delivery and good products. recommand this company very much.

Kurt M., Sweden

2016-11-10, written by Thierry F.:


The goods have been delivered this morning ; many thanks for your quick delivery.

Best regards
Thierry F.

2016-08-21, written by Ian M.:

"I am very impressed by the availability of the part that I needed for my Truma mover despite it being 10 years old. I am also impressed by the speed of dispatch and delivery of my part. Thank you Caravan Mover Shop."

Best Regards
Ian M.

2016-07-28, written by Mats M.:


The handling of our order has been handled quite amazing exemplary.

Staff were very helpful, all the good questions CaravanMoverShop asked to make sure we got the right stuff directly.
We are very pleased with our Mover XT. The installation we carried out ourselves , and it took us approximately 4 hours. The management of the Mover is very simple and the device works with extreme precision. We are very impressed!

Thank you for a fast delivery to Sweden.
We can only recommend others to buy from CarvanMoverShop.

Mats M.

2016-06-07, written by Rod K.:

Hiya Jorg,

Many thanks for you professional advice about checking for heating pipes etc.
where the mover is to be sited.
There is a drain pipe for the Alde heating situated just in front of the wheel that can only
be seen from underneath the caravan.
At first glance it would appear it is not possible to fit Al-Ko Mammut M20 to a 2012 Swift Conqueror 565.
This is not true.
The drain pipe can be simply be pushed back inside and the hole covered with an air vent grill
or blanked of completely.
If draining of the Alde is required the drain pipe (now inside) can be drained by inserting a tube (20cm) long into the end of the pipe and taking it outside through the existing air vent close by.
OK you might get a few drops of water inside the caravan when doing it but it is not something
you every day.
I do not remember the last time I drained the central heating system in my house so I am not all that worried about it.
Please find the attached photos that I hope may be of use if you in the future.

Kind regards,
Rod K.

2016-06-05, written by Thomas A.:


Fast and the right parts , so i am happy ?

Thomas A.

2016-03-09, written by Bård G.:

Thank you,
Fast and great to deal with you .

2016-03-07, written by Mike G.:

Brilliant! Thanks so much for such a speedy despatch.

2015-11-01, written by Steve A.:

I found the whole process very easy staff were very helpful and delivery was unbelievable highly recommended .

Sent from my iPad

2015-09-13, written by Lone & Preben P.:

Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit die schnelle antword und die schnelle lieferung – es passt perfect, sehen sie unten


Thank you very much for your answer.

I have already received the rollers, and they fitted perfectly.

Thanks again

Preben Petersen - Denmark

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