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Optima batteries

Optima batteries are not without reason the batteries that are best suited for the mover. The technology is mature, there are no children's diseases. We recommend the use of an Optima AGM-battery. Therefore we provide our mover with a CTEK battery charger. These high-quality chargers were originally developed by Optima and are therefore ideal for these (and other) batteries. Through our many years of experience with batteries and battery chargers we are the only webshop, that is allowed to carry the CTEK-Certified-Specialist logo.


Another AGM-battery has a lower quality than an Optima AGM-battery, the benefits apply only to genuine Optima AGM-batteries. Make sure that you buy an original Optima battery. There are many other batteries that look similar. The name yellow top is not protected so any other battery manufacturer can use this name.

The disadvantage of the higher purchase costs of an Optima battery is completely compensated by the advantages compared to conventional batteries in our opinion. Optima batteries are about 10 kg lighter and considerably smaller. The batteries are spillable, as they contain no liquid. The battery can be mounted in any position, even upside down. You don't need a battery leak bin and no battery drain. The Optima battery has a three times longer life than a conventional battery. Also it can be stored for long periods, without being connected to a charger. Hibernate in the caravan is also no problem, if you fully charge the battery and release the battery clamps.


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