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Ojop 4703062 Quick release battery connectors Blue

Ojop 4703062 Quick release battery connectors Blue

Ojop 4703062 Quick release battery connectors Blue

Ojop 4703062 Quick release battery connectors Blue


The company Ojop

Ojop is a Swedish company. In 1922 partners Ossvald Jonsson and Oskar Persson formed the company OJOP, using their initials as the company name, in Eskilstuna manufacturing a variety of pressed and forged steel products, mostly for the local market.
Through years of customer focus and innovation Ojop Sweden has grown to become a global leader in toggle latches. As a result of this experience they own several patents. Today they manufacture and sell over a million toggle latches and a quarter of a million Quick Power battery connectors every year on 5 continents and to 50 Countries through large network of partners and distributors.
Their aim is to provide well thought through products of high quality and with good service. They use the best materials in order to ensure the durability of their products. Their Quick Power battery connectors are the only ones safety certified by the German TÜV quality standard.

Website Ojop

Warranty Ojop

If you unexpectedly have a problem with the products purchased with us, the problem with the product will be resolved as soon as possible. We will ask you to send an email in which you describe the problem. You will then receive further questions, or a guarantee number and a step-by-step plan on how we can solve the problem.

Many faults on a product such as a mover can easily be rectified by telephone explanations from our technicians. A common problem is, how do I turn on the remote control ... and if that is successful, how do I automatically move the reels to the belt. It seems simple; but every product is protected against accidental use and after a year it is often unclear how it worked again.

As a rule, you can not contact the manufacturer or importer directly with this brand.

Spare parts

If you have damage, or if there are problems after the warranty period, the brands PowrMover, Reich, Truma, and AL-KO offer an almost complete range of spare parts. So, if you have a small problem after the warranty period, you don't have to buy a whole new mover. You can often solve the problem with a separately ordered spare part. The spare parts of most movers are guaranteed available for 10 years. In addition, we have the most extensive range spare parts used and new in stock.

Demonstration days CaravanMoverShop

Regulairy we have promotion days in our shops. You can show you the differences between the products of Reich, AL-KO, Truma and PowrMover. You can also see us at one of the exhibitions in Western Europe. Or please visit any of our Shops in varshops during our opening hours. The following promotiondays are on:

Saturday 2019-10-26 (10.00 - 14.00) NL-Groningen, NL-Veenendaal, NL-Lelystad
Friday 15 november 2019 (09.00 - 17.00) NL-Groningen, NL-Veenendaal, NL-Lelystad

CaravanMoverShop at the exhibitions

You can find us at the following exhibitions:
2019 october

AT-Wels, 16 october 2019 - 20 october 2019, Caravan Salon Austria
     Standnummer 21.260
DE-Erfurt, 31 october 2019 - 03 november 2019, Reise und Caravan
     Standnummer 1 A01

2019 november

DE-Bremen, 08 november 2019 - 10 november 2019, Caravan Bremen
     Standnummer Halle 7.7505
DE-Leipzig, 20 november 2019 - 24 november 2019, Touristik & Caravaning
     Standnummer 5B78

2020 january

DE-Stuttgart, 11 january 2020 - 19 january 2020, CMT
     Standnummer 5B78
NL-Leeuwarden, 23 january 2020 - 28 january 2020, Caravana
DE-Oldenburg, 24 january 2020 - 26 january 2020, CFR, Caravan Freizeit und Reisen
DE-Hannover, 29 january 2020 - 02 february 2020, ABF

2020 february

DE-Hamburg, 05 february 2020 - 09 february 2020, Oohh Hamburg
DE-Essen, 26 february 2020 - 01 march 2020, Reise und Camping




Advertisements from CaravanMoverShop

We are, as our name says, a caravan mover shop. Here at CaravanMoverShop we sell a select range of high quality caravan movers from respected manufacturers such as AL-KO, Reich, PowrWheel/PowrMover and Truma. We also offer a range of premium batteries and battery chargers for your mover. Our expert knowledge means we are always able to recommend the perfect mover for you. Our product range is also available at all four or our branches so you are free to shop in store or online. We dispatch our orders daily (Monday-Friday) to reach you as quickly as possible. We provide comprehensive and up to date information about all of our products in here on our website. If you require further information or have any questions, please send us an email. We can also be contacted by telephone (0031-857843666) every day. In the past we advertised in the following magazines Camping Cars and Caravaning, Reisemobil, Kampeer en Caravan Kampioen (KCK), ACSI Freelife Magazine und Campingvizier.

ANWB Kampeer
en Caravan Kampioen

kck advertentie

Price and order

Our price: € 11.00

Reviews Ojop

2019-09-29, written by Jos B.:

Dankje wel voor de reparatie.

Er hangt bij jullie een prettige werksfeer

met vriendelijke groet

Jos B.

2019-08-08, written by Klaus L.:

Guten Morgen Herr Mulder,

ich habe die neue Kontaktklemme eingebaut und habe es gestern damit versucht.

Der Wohnwagenr lief einwandfrei, wenn auch mit Mühe, den Weg hoch in den Garten zum Abstellplatz.

Danach zeigte das Voltmeter ca 13 Volt an. Das Ladegerät zeigt drei Punkte. Ich werde jetzt die Batterie wieder aufladen und nach zwei Tagen den Strom abschalten.

Ich hoffe, dass mit der neuen Kontaktklemme das Problem gelöst ist und ich in Zukunft den Mover wieder voll benutzen kann.

Ich danke Ihnen nochmal für Ihre Unterstützung und verbleibe mit

freundlichn Grüßen

Klaus L.

2016-03-27, written by J. T.:

Ervaring in de movershop te Groningen door J.T.

1e kontakt via centraalnummer, direkt bereikbaar en vlotte informatie

2. Korrekte en vriendelijke ontvangst in de shop GRON. tevens lagen de gewenste, te monteren en te vervangen onderdelen al gereed.

3. Alles kundig en zeer netjes gemonteerd, cijfer een 9 ( er moet wat te wensen blijven .)

4. Voor movermontage etc. aan te raden,ja,ja,ja overdijf ik nee,nee,nee.

mvg J.T.

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Price and order

Our price: € 11.00

Article number: 42387
EAN code: 8715133005427

Manufacturer's ID: 4703062

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