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Professional assembly at home or in one of our 4 branches!

The name CaravanMoverShop indicates clearly what we do; we sell and install caravan movers. Movers of brands like Truma, PowrMover, Reich, and AL-KO. Furthermore we sell high quality batteries and battery chargers. At first, the purchasing price of these products seems higher, but this reflects the high quality of the parts and materials used. Advantages you benefit from as these products are less prone to break down and last longer. The fitting of a mover underneath a caravan requires skillful craftsmanship. That's where CaravanMoverShop makes the difference. A well-fitted mover improves a flawless operation and maximum longevity. Which mover you choose depends on the type of caravan, the layout of the mover and specifications, like ease of use. We are glad to give you our professional advice based on our experience and we offer the best after-sale service and support.

CaravanMoverShop Exhibitions in the Netherlands and Germany!

Everything you want to know about movers. Please visit us at the exhibitions in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Switserland. Don’t want to wait? No problem, you are welcome to visit one of our shops.


Our annual catalogue contains up to date information about all of our caravan movers, batteries and battery chargers. At this moment it is only available in Dutch and German. In our catalogue you will also find advice and recommendations about all of our products.

RTL Lifestyle Experience

RTL KampeertCaravanMoverShop supports the TV program 'RTL kampeert'. In this TV program various campsites at home and abroad are visited and attention is paid to camping equipment. Click here to go to their website.

In 2014, CaravanMoverShop was featured on RTL’s Lifestyle Experience. See below for the broadcast.

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Why buy online?

An online purchase from CaravanMoverShop gives you the advantage of buying the best caravan mover at the best price. We also provide comprehensive sale and after sale support. We can be contacted by telephone every day until 17.00. Our product range is ready to be delivered directly to you. We dispatch our orders each working day to arrive with you within 1-4 workingdays. Depending on the distance from the Netherlands.

We comply with strict German and Dutch regulations. You can be sure that a purchase from CaravanMoverShop is risk free. In addition, in advance of any purchase you can insure for free with Paypal. If we fail to deliver your order or you experience any other problem you can reclaim your money from Paypal.

Movers? Quality and reliability make the difference!

We offer a select range of caravan movers from the most respected and high quality brands of AL-KO, Reich and Truma. We are the market leader for most of these brands in Netherlands and Germany. Our website contains comprehensive information about all the caravan movers in our product range. This means you can make an informed choice about the caravan mover which meets your individual needs. To help you choose the best caravan mover for you we have also created our helpful "Which mover?" section which contains lots of useful information to aid you in your decision. You can select this tool from the menu at the top of this page. Your caravan mover can then be fitted at any one of our four shops or at your home or camp site by our mobile fitting service. You can also choose to fit your caravan mover yourself.

One team, one goal: problem-free products

Here at CaravanMoverShop we aim to meet all your caravan mover needs in one quick and easy process. All caravan movers need a battery and battery charger. For this reason we offer complete sets of caravan mover, battery and battery charger for one price to give you everything you need in one simple step. Our complete sets all contains a high-quality Battery and charger. We recommend our complete set 2 with the Optima Yellow Top 4.2/55Ah battery and a CTEK Multi XS battery charger, with a weight of only 20kg. This gives you over 40 minutes' capacity for your caravan mover. We are not the only ones convinced by Optima's quality. Optima battery technology is tried and tested. Optima is just like Varta part of clarios, the leading batterybrand. We have experience with the Optima Batteries from 2004. All mayor moverbrands also included an Optima battery in their powerpack for the mover. We have also carefully selected the CTEK battery charger. This is an excellent battery charger. It was also developed by Optima and is the optimum battery charger for Optima batteries. In addition, the CTEK battery charger is easy and safe to connect and use.




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